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Part 91 Flight Departments

Parachute jump operations, flight schools, firefighting and spotter aircraft, crop dusting, corporate flight departments, hot air balloons, aircraft management companies and private aircraft owners can all benefit from Flight Locating software automated records and reports.

Part 135 Air Charter Operators

On demand and scheduled, single-engine, multi-engine, turboprop, jetprop, private jet, business jets, helicopter, aircraft tour, search and rescue benefit from Flight Locating software. Regulatory compliance and reporting is automated. Safety increased with automatic text and email alerts.

Part 121 Domestic & International Airlines

FAR Part 121 and ICAO operators required to have a flight following system can enjoy all the benefits of Flight Locating software. T100 reports, fleet utilization, on-time performance, fuel burn reports, passenger flown data, crew flight and duty times are some of the available 1-click reports in addition to the included automated alerts and safeguards.

Trusted By These Companies

A groundbreaking software that delivers on its promises and exceeds expectations- even with the bar set high. Flight Locating will not disappoint."
Sandra Myles
Tech Reviewer
"Flight Locating is amazing! Tracking pilots times and submitting reports to DOT are so much easier now."
Kathy Thompson
Satisfied Customer
"It is rare to find a product that lives up to its hype. Flight locating as done that and more. I would definitely recommend this software to any aircraft operator."
Matt Bell
Airline Executive

Flight Locating Software

Explore some of Flight Locating's features

Beautiful Responsive Overview & Stats

Flight Locating's overview & stats page is a fully customizable homepage. Here you can see setup to see flights currently in the air, instantly view overdue alerts, place company notices, review on-time, passenger, aircraft and other trackable stats depending on your type of operations and setup.

Simplified Departure & Arrival Workflow

The Flight Locating software is designed to have minimal manual input. Other then some minimal initial setup users only have to input departure flight information and arrival information. It is formatted in a chronological workflow and most fields are designed to auto-populate once you start typing.

Powerful Aircraft & Airport Database

In the course of automation Flight Locating has a database of almost all the airports in the world with their coordinates, ICAO & IATA identifiers, time zones, city names and more. Our database also includes over 500 aircraft along with their specifications and performance values. Options are available to add new aircraft or airports should we have missed one.

Alerts & Notifications for Key Personnel

Part of Flight Locating's unique automation is the ability to send automated email and text alerts for when an aircraft is late or overdue. Aircraft performance values are used as backup to user entered departure data to prevent possible human errors for calculated arrival times. Text and email alerts are easily setup and modified in the software and can be sent to any country or region.

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